“KOOL SWITCH WORKS (K.S.W.)” is a music label founded in 2012 by Keita Kawakami(Pharakami S), who is a trusted DJ of Japanese Juke/Foowork scene. Together with “Japanese Footwork Boss” D.J.Fulltono of Booty Tune, he runs Juke/Footwork regular party “SOMETHINN” since 2013.

Since the very beggining of the label, they released a remarkable showcase compilation “WITCHCRAFT EP,” which featured seven unidenfified trackmakers; such as Picnicwomen, Poncho+Casino Tart and Sauceman etc. The EP created a buzz in the international Juke/Footwork scene, and some major media like “FADER” or “JAPAN TIMES” picked the EP up with a good review.

The label has been releasing unique and one-of-a-kind singles in Juke/Footwork scene which continues to grow all over the globe. Along with the new music, people are checking out the new videos produced by young visual artists. 



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