KSW-32 NOEYES / Nobodyリリースについて

Kool Switch Worksよりアトランタ在住Jungle noise・ブレイクコアアーティスト<NO EYES>のEPをリリース!

Remix陣には彼の盟友Machine Girl、cyberimp、Elevation & X.NTE、国内からは食品まつり(FOODMAN)とPharakami S & D.J.G.O.の楽曲を収録。

ジャケットデザインはNO EYES<Seanny Georgie>によるもの。


【NO EYESからのメッセージ】






私は音楽を通して自分のストーリーを伝えることができること、そしてKeitaとKool Switchファミリーと一緒にこの作品をリリースできることにとても感謝しています。


Machine Girl、Elevation、Foodman、X.NTE、Cyberimp、D.J.G.O.、そしてPharakamiこと(fucking real one)ケイタが素晴らしいリミックスを提供してくれたことに感謝しています。



I love all y'all

2020 was a rough time not just because of a global pandemic but also seeing people who are supposed to support and help us do the complete opposite. Not only did they look down on others just because of race, gender, sexual orientation and more, they also lied to us just constantly to just save face and push the blame to people who should be helped versus growing and learning from the mistake they have made. I honestly wrote these songs to cope with at the time being homeless during the pandemic, mourning the death of my mother, seeing police take advantage of my friends, other citizens and I, then even murder some of those people without consequences. Also the news outlets lying about what was happening right in front of their own fucking faces while social media made everyone have to see the truth. Then seeing how useless organizations that should help and feed the homeless and others in need are always so fucking nonexistent even though they have billions of dollars and my friends and I somehow make it happen every week with less than hundreds of dollars. I am very grateful that I am getting to tell my story through my music and release this with Keita and the Kool Switch fam. Also so grateful for everyone who has helped me while I was struggling last year, it really means more than anything that I can't even put that into words honestly. I have to thank Machine Girl, Elevation, Foodman, X.NTE, Cyberimp, D.J.G.O. and Pharakami aka the fucking real one Keita for giving all y'all some fucking heat on the remixes. I also have to thank you for buying this shit because I can survive because of it!

I love all y'all

k bye.

1.u never saw me as a human anyway so please stop pretending you fuck wit me and my crew

3.2 noddy (uni ave)
4.everyfuckinglivingbeingshouldhavefoodclothesshelther (cyberimp remix)
5.2 noddy (uni. ave) (foodman remix)
6.everyfuckinglivingbeingshouldhavefoodclothesshelther (machine girl remix)
7.u never saw me as a human anyway so please stop pretending you fuck wit me and my crew (Pharakami S & D.J.G.O. remix)
8.FUCK APD (Elevation & X.NTE megamix)

artwork created by Seanny Georgie

music tracks 1 - 3 created by NO EYES
track 4 created by NO EYES and remixed by Cyberimp
track 5 created by NO EYES and remixed by Foodman
track 6 created by NO EYES and remixed by Machine Girl
track 7 created by NO EYES and remixed by Pharakami S & D.J.G.O.
track 8 created by NO EYES and remixed by Elevation and X.NTE


KOOL SWITCH WORKS (JAPAN) “KOOL SWITCH WORKS (K.S.W.)” is a music label founded in 2012 by Pharakami S.


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